Intro: Going Public

If you were a parent and your child was being bullied in school, how would you handle it…?

If you, as an adult, find yourself in a situation where you are constantly bullied, harassed, and terrorized…what should you do?

If you find that your family members, your loved ones are being terrorized and tormented by menacing, sociopathic hoods…what should you do?

This blog is the whole truth, my side of the story, and my opinions.  It’s my way of speaking out against a neighborhood menace that fortunately me and my family do not need to deal with any more.

Also, I hope that by expressing the truth as well as my feelings in this blog, I can finally get over what has happened.

If you read and maybe even follow this blog, I hope you find it beneficial.  And, I hope that if you are going through the same thing (or something similar) you will be comforted (in a way) to know that you are not alone; and that you will be motivated to do the right thing sooner rather than later…before it gets too out of hand.

~K. Crumley

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